Next course run will be September 24th - October 22nd.

This course is for creatives.

It is for meaning seekers and memory makers.

For those who thirst for childlike wonder.

It is for legacy keepers and photograph takers.

The goal is to change the way you see - 

seeing through the aperture of the heart instead of just the eyes.

The kind of seeing where dust becomes wings.

and MEANING illuminates the everyday mundane like gold.

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”

- Henry David Thoreau

Who this course is for…

  • This course is for souls of ALL CREATIVE SKILL LEVELS looking to widen the aperture of their hearts.

    You do not need to have any prior experience with photography to benefit from this course.

This course came out of my own search for a rescue plan.


See photography as a way to embrace my fears instead of run from them.

Use my passions, abilities and gifts as tools for healing myself and others.

Shift my perspective from self-defeating to expectantly abundant.

View myself as a VESSEL for light & to nurture my mind, body and spirit as such.

Create tangible proof of the light all around me that I could not see with my physical eyes.

Believe fully in the value of my contribution to the world, to my community and my family.


How the course works:

  • The course is broken up into a 4 weeks of learning. Each week has 5 active days (weekdays) for growth, education and assignments and 2 rest days (weekends) for inspirational contemplation.

  • Each active day’s lesson will begin with the presentation of a symbolic image from my personal gallery and accompanying the photograph will be a video/audio recording of why it was meaningful, what happened in the making of it, the symbolism behind it as well, the lesson it has to teach for your life and art as well as photographic camera settings given.

  • A creative prompt/assignment is given daily to deepen your creative practice. You will be envisioning and then taking a symbolic photograph each day based upon the lesson that will stretch your courage, vulnerability and perspective.

  • There will also be 10 educational videos included showing me shooting in my home and speaking in detail about my thought process behind the images I create. There will be specific education given on composition, perspective, technical settings and the process of continually finding light indoors and outdoors at various times of day to create images dynamic storytelling images. While this course is excellent for those shooting with dSLR cameras the course can also be taken with an iPhone and is not aimed toward professionals only by any means. Any skill level will greatly benefit from the experience.

  • Expected estimation of time to take the course per day: 20 minutes.

Schedule of Daily Lessons:


- An introduction to the course from my heart to yours.

- Welcoming Beauty as a Daily Practice.

- The Neuroscience of Presence.

- Photographs as Anchors of Hope & Remembrance.

- Turning our Mourning into Dancing.

- Putting on Bravery & Conquering Perfectionism.

- Photography as a Salve for Trauma.


- Out-of-focus photographs as symbols of Perseverance.

- Struck Down but Not Destroyed.

- Creating Visual Anthems.

- Engaging all five senses in your every experience.

- Scars that Anchor us to Beauty & Truth.

- Rainbows & all the light we cannot see.

- Naming the unspeakable things and why this is deeply important.


- Images of Reflection.

- Creating a mission statement for your art.

- Using photographs as a salve for anxiety and self-doubt.

- Pushing back against Resistance (& The Tree of Life).

- The intersection of emotion and light to create engaging portraits.

- Embracing our Belovedness.

- Natural Light as the most brilliant teacher.


- Beauty from Ashes.

- Artistic expression as visual prayers and tangible meditations.

- Posture & it’s importance - translating the burdens we carry into art.

- Learning how to achieve Productive Stillness.

- Redeeming Pain for Light with self portraits.

- Making portraits that speak intimate and dynamic stories without words.

- Sharing your gifts with the world.

Tree of Life.JPG

I want to make sure this is perfectly clear: this course is not about learning to make perfectly exposed tack-sharp airbrushed pictures.

  • This course is about gaining new perspectives, being pushed outside of your comfort zone and getting to the very root of your creativity. Some of the lessons will involve taking out-of-focus photographs on purpose (as a symbol of perseverance through parts of life that feel fuzzy and unclear). In another lesson we create double exposure images in the spirit of symbolic layering of our emotions and roles. In a favorite lesson of mine we walk through the creation of what I call ‘Visual Anthems’ which involves some prompts weaving a pathway to the making of images that remind us of who we are.

About the Images you see here…

  • The collection of images seen throughout this website is the unveiling of my new collection ‘When Dust Becomes Wings’. I have been creating the images you see here (in addition to the rest of the collection) for the last 3 years. Up until just a few months ago I had kept the collection private, thinking perhaps it would become a gallery exhibit someday. I daydreamed of the images being printed the size of walls in a place where I could walk around with you for hours. I’d tell you every detail of how each photograph came together and the behind the scenes story of the fracture in my heart that needed the image so desperately as means to heal. My camera gave me a way to translate my despair into beauty and light.

  • This collection has sat heavy on my heart and I kept feeling that perhaps there was a way for me to interweave my experience teaching photography with the soul-stirring wisdom gained through the making of these images. I’d much prefer to be together in person, looking you in the eyes and guiding you through my exhibit in a gallery (perhaps someday) but for now, this is my attempt at getting as close as I can. This course is a VERY BIG DEAL to me. It feels like handing over my very soul alongside my decade of expertise in the field of photography.

You preserve a legacy of HOPE through a camera -

it is your magnifying glass for GRACE.

Beloved, this is the perseverance place –

a devoted pilgrimage taken by the brave & trembling into the deepest channels of the human heart.

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